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Turkish Sufi Music | Ney ~ Kanun

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Ottoman music has a large and varied system of modes or scales known as makams, and other rules of composition. There are more than 600 makams that have been used so far. Out of these, at least 119 makams are formally defined, but today only around 20 makams are widely used. In the Sufi teaching, each makam represents and conveys a particular #psychological and spiritual state. Sometimes, in certain makams, Ottomans would use different instrumental and vocal musical pieces in order to cure certain #medical and psychological conditions.

Turkish classical #music is taught in conservatories and social clubs, the most respected of which is Istanbul’s Üsküdar #Musiki Cemiyeti.

A specific sequence of classical Turkish musical forms become a fasıl, a suite an instrumental prelude (peşrev), an instrumental postlude (saz semaisi), and in between, the main section of vocal compositions which begins with and is punctuated by instrumental improvisations (#taksim).

Ottoman music has various genres including the spiritual, improvised (“gazel”, “kaside”, “durak”, etc.) and fasil music.

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